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Bring Home the On-trend Rose Gold Décor

Metal continues to work its magic in home decor but there’s a brand new metal shade we’re all flipping over. Say hello to Rose Gold!

The shade has long been popular among jewellery designers and in the fashion world. Michael Kors used the subtle pink to accent watches and handbags while Ted Baker showcased it as zippers of dresses and coats. Diane von Furstenberg created a rose gold crocodile-embossed clutch while Alexander Wang put forth a rose gold satchel. Even Apple isn’t immune to the charms of rose gold – the new iPhone 6 all but shows that!


Rose gold — also known as pink gold, red gold or blush gold — is a gold alloy made from a combination of gold and copper. As the name suggests, it has a warm pink hue. Think what gold would like if it blushed. Depending on the ratio of gold to copper, the shade of rose gold can range from orange-yellow to dusky pink and red-orange.

But rose gold isn’t new. Eighteenth-century jewelers used it in quatre-couleur gold, which comprised greenish, whitish, and pinkish iterations of the element from which decorative inlays were fashioned. It became fashionable in Russia during the 19th century and was known as “Russian gold”. It was also popular during the Victorian era. But it came into its own during the 1920s when Cartier introduced its now iconic Trinity ring.

The mellow colour has now taken centre stage in home décor, and can be seen everywhere – from metallic fixtures to accent walls. Rose gold is elegant, timeless and warm, and plays beautifully with other colours and materials. We tell you how to add it to your home:


* Let there be light. This is perhaps the best way to incorporate any metal in home décor. Be it a lamp, a series of pendants or tiny flecks in a tiny chandelier, experiment with lighting.


* Accent a wall. A blushing accent wall may set the tone for a lovely new feminine space. Cut out the “girliness” by adding masculine accents such as an old leather armchair, neutral linen and a zippy rug.


* Light it up. A set of rose gold votives clustered together will set the mood for the festive season. You can also try grouping rose gold-coloured items such as vases and candle stands to make a statement.


* Throw things together. Forget golden and silver throw pillows. A couple of rose gold pillows – be they velvet, fabric or sequinned – will add the trend to your sofa. Or how about a sparkly rose gold table cloth to set the mood?


* Dish it out. Ceramic dishes with rose gold detailing are ideal to lay out nuts, snacks and sweets when guests come calling this festive season. Pop one on your dresser to corral loose earrings and clips.


* Let it grab the spotlight. To show off the prettiness of rose gold, set it off against a neutral backdrop. White, ivory, beige and pastels showcase this shade beautifully. But it also works well with other colours, especially those in the orange, yellow and red colour families.

* Keep it small. Introduce small amounts of rose gold into your space to keep it looking classic and elegant. An overdose may lead to a “trendy” look, one that doesn’t evolve gracefully.


Other ways to incorporate rose gold into your home decor is as boxes, flatware, knobs and handles, frames and napkin rings.

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