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Bring the Outdoors Indoors

With the monsoon knocking at your door,  it’s time to blur the boundaries between the outside and inside to create spaces that are calm, peaceful and invite you to unwind. Sliding glass doors, French windows or large picture windows create a visual connection to nature. Turn to a colour palette that’s inspired by the outdoors – shades of green, blue or neutrals make your home look natural and clean. Apart from pots of greenery, a water feature can be a nice addition to any room. The gentle trickle of water soothes your senses like nothing else. Or else, get an aquarium built into a dead­end area. Natural accessories – rocks, pebbles, sea shells, bamboo plants, woody incense, floral potpourri – create a peaceful haven. Explore ikebana – flower arrangements that work with stems and leaves too, emphasising shape, line and form.


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