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Choose the Best Layout for your Bathroom

Planning to renovate your bathroom? We tell you what to keep in mind when designing the bathroom:

Layout: Consider who will be using the bathroom. Is it a bathroom for a couple? For a child? Two children? Teenagers? The layout and décor could change based on the user. A bathroom in an office will necessitate neutral colours and ample use of space. If more than one person uses the bathroom at the same time, increased counter space or a second sink may be needed. Similarly, the layout also needs to consider placement of an exhaust, towel racks, tissue holders and storage compartments.


There are four common types of layouts:

A one-wall bathroom usually has the shower stall/bathtub, sink and toilet along one wall. This layout is the most common and usually the least interesting as it offers little to do, design-wise.


A corridor bathroom is simple – the shower stall/bathtub is placed along a side wall and the sink and toilet are fixed on the opposite wall.


In an L-shaped bathroom, the sink and the toilet are place along a side wall, and the bathtub/shower stall against the back wall. This arrangement reduces the corridor look and is as cost-effective as a one-wall bathroom (the tub supply and drainage lines can be located in the same wall as the other fixtures).


A U-shaped bathroom has fixtures on three walls. This kind of layout is usually preferred when space is at a premium. A large, square room is the best space for this bathroom.


While a shower stall/shower doesn’t take too much space, ensure that the bathtub is placed against the back wall to keep it away from the door. There needs to be enough room to get in, out and maneuver. The sink needs at least 30″ clear space in front so that there is room to bend down and access the storage cabinet underneath. If the sink is placed along a side wall near the door, the door should swing away from it. The toilet should be sited away from the door. If possible, allow for 20″ clearance in front of the bowl. On each side, allow for 18″ to the nearest wall or 14″ to the nearest cabinet. If there is space, ensure that you tap it for extra storage. Modular units, shelves, racks, bins and drawers should be within easy reach to ensure that bath linen, cosmetics, lotions etc. can be stored where you need them.


If planning to remodel a bathroom, one needs to keep in mind the existing space as well as the present plumbing and wiring. In case the bathroom space is to be shifted, it is essential to list the kind of structural changes that will be needed.

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