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Colour’s Everywhere With Behr’s Colour Trends for 2016

We’re months away from 2016 but the colours and trends for the next year are coming out at full speed. Behr Paints has released their 2016 Colour Trends collection, a range of 20 brand-new, captivating hues featuring four coordinating designer palettes that bring impact and dimension to any living space.

Erika Woelfel, vice president of colour marketing at BEHR Paints, has said the company enjoys “exploring the cultural worlds of art, product, fashion and architecture to forecast the coming shifts in colour trends”.

“One of the common trends we’ve continually found is how the hypnotic draw of technology and increased screen time have driven the need for authentic stimulation. The BEHR 2016 Colour Trends are made up of unique colours, textures and patterns, lending sensory delights and allowing us a way to truly disengage and unwind,” she said.

The BEHR 2016 Colour Trends offer looks that increase visual interest on all surfaces—floors, walls and ceilings—in the year to come. Contrasting colours, tactile elements, sharp or soft edges and matte or glossy finishes will further stimulate the senses, while adding volume and structure to a variety of hues.

We give you the four designer palettes:


Chromatic accents mingle with moody shades, glossy surfaces and layered textures. Spaces enveloped in these hues will activate the senses with a playful interaction of colour, texture and patterns. Dark colours create an illusion of depth, while brilliant pops of tropical colour showcase an adventurous style.


Corresponding BEHR Colours: Black Pearl, Pagoda, Emperor’s Silk, Galapagos and Canary Diamond T16-05


Traditional décor gets a stylish update with bold pops of colour, gold detailing and bold geometric patterns. These colours, along with translucent surfaces, help make any space feel brighter and more expansive. Sapphire blue is a terrific accent on furniture, but can also help pump up the volume when paired with an over-scaled geometric design in Citronné yellow on an accent wall.


Corresponding BEHR Colours: Penthouse View, Coralette, Fifth Olive-nue, Citronné, Blue Vortex


Modern style softens with organic shapes, subtle colour combinations and natural materials. Smooth curves and gentle silhouettes combine with washed blue and green for a relaxed, serene space. An ombré alcove is reminiscent of a misty, atmospheric landscape and is anchored by black furniture and abstract artwork. Pop accents of orange and turquoise provide a sense of optimism.


Corresponding BEHR Colours: Celadon, Modern Mint, Stratus, Raw Copper, Charcoal Plum


Feminine elegance is embodied through tonal hues, plush textures, and reflective surfaces. A warm foundation of dark gold, ivory and taupe brown can keep a room feeling elegant, but also full of energy. By adding punches of colour in unexpected places, such as doorways and artwork, spaces can suddenly transform into a charming and lighthearted environment. A high-gloss finish on a ceiling, trim and cabinetry reflects light to a dazzling effect.


Corresponding BEHR Colours: Symphony Gold, Ivory Keys, Mauve Melody, Bowstring, Opus