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Colours Perfect for Monsoon

By Sagar Datta

The monsoon is a time of renewal and regeneration, of blue skies and verdant greens. The rain and cool weather come as balm after the hot summer months. Isn’t it time you thought about updating your home to welcome the new season? We tell you which colours will add a punch of sunniness and cheer to your rooms.

Turquoise: It’s one of the most popular colours in the monsoon as it adds a touch of brightness and vibrancy amid the dull grey skies. Change the look of your room for the season in whatever way you like – curtains, accessories, wallpapers, coverings or cushions. Turquoise works well with other colours and can be used in many permutations and combinations to create unusual looks.

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Green: The monsoon brings manna to the outdoors, creating a veritable sea of green. Recreate the magic of the outdoors indoors by using green to create a soothing and calming feel. Using a variety of greens – dark green, olive green, light green and pastel shades – creates visual interest. Bring home mats, rugs and carpets in green as they recreate the magic of lawns. Green can also be used for your kitchen and as accessories and soft furnishings. Try to organise the different shades of green before you start working with them and ensure that all the hues complement each other.

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If you’re looking for combinations, nothing works better than these tried-and-tested duos to up the liveliness quotient of any space:

Yellow and orange: On their own, they’re bright. Together, they can create a colourful riot. You can use these two colours in all kinds of spaces, be it the living room or kitchen. Soft furnishings and accessories in these shades stand out really well against neutral backgrounds. Grey, for one, makes this combination pop! A great and inexpensive way of using these colours in your interiors is by bringing fresh flowers in shades of yellow and orange. In the kitchen or dining table, place coloured towels or mats for a sunny display.

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Purple and pink: Purple is a colour associated with royalty and not used often enough in home décor. Juxtapose it with shades of pink to create an ambience that’s quirky and bright. Using both these shades may lend a feminine touch to a space, so balance things out by adding masculine touches such as a leather chair, dark wood closets or heavy bric-a-brac.

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Current interior decor trends show a strong bias towards neutral hued spaces punctuated by stunning colourful pieces. Yellow-green shades set against grey backgrounds have become an acceptable as well as safe combination for accessories. Spice things up by introducing textural contrast in accent pieces. Black and grey chiaroscuro colour schemes have been a favourite in edgy urban dwellings for some time now. Also, we are now entering a decade when the colour yellow will influence us for a long time. Shades like ochre, amber, sepia and russet are a great way to perk up your home when it’s pouring outside. Rich teal blue and mauve accents in both textiles and furniture will help you soak up the feel and flavour of the rains.


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Sagar Datta heads New Delhi-based design practice Casa Interio

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