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Couple Centric Games In Parties

Fun Couple Games For Parties

Who would want to be at a party where there is no fun element or games? Not us, and not you for sure! A dull and drab party eventually results in both sexes forming separate groups. A cool idea to keep the guests entertained, is to introduce some fun, couple party games. Here are a few ideas that will engage everyone in the room, and keep these soirées lively and spirited!

How Well Do You Know Your Partner?

Take couples away to separate corners, with some questions on a paper about each other. For men, possible questions about their partners could be their colour of nail paint, colour of the purse they are carrying, or if they are wearing any hair accessories. For women, try asking the colour of the tie or socks, colour of the wallets, or the shirt pattern of their partners. Assign a value to each question. The couple that together scores the highest, wins.

Unscramble Love Phrases

In this game, each couple works as one team to unscramble love phrases within a set time limit. Give one sheet to all the couples with scrambled love phrases, and the couple who correctly unscrambles the maximum phrases, wins.

Blind-man’s Swag

Men are blindfolded and made to stand on one side of the room. There should plenty of space in the hall for them to move around. Women standing on the opposite side, have to drop word hints and lead their male partners to a treasure, which is also the prize. The male member who finds the treasure first, takes it home!

Cinderella’s Slipper

Just like the prince helped Cinderella find her shoe, men have to find their partner’s shoe. Women take off one of their shoes, and place them all at one corner of the party hall. As the stopwatch begins, men standing at a distance, have to run and find their partner’s shoe. The first man to return with the matching pair of his partner, wins.

Make your party your guests’ favourite by incorporating some of these interesting games. Make it an event to remember for a long time to come, and leave your guests waiting for you to host your next one!