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Cover it up with our Fabric Guide!

By Amit Gaikwad

Why choose fabrics?
Fabrics are a great decorating option. Being extremely functional they also help you inject life into your furniture. Apart from adding to the beauty of your décor fabrics help you protect your furniture from dust and stains.

Types of fabrics
Fabrics are available under two categories viz natural and synthetic fabrics. Natural fabrics are manufactured from natural materials such as seeds, leaves or steam. They also can be derived from the cocoons of the silkworms or can be weaved from the fur of animals. Synthetic fabrics are made combining chemicals with organic or inorganic materials.
• Cotton fabric – Cotton is one of the most popular fabrics used for furnishings. It is extremely soft and durable. The material makes it ideal for curtains, bed sheets, bed and cushion covers.

• Silk fabric – Silk look beautiful and have a soft feel. It is considered to be as the strongest natural fibre. It retains its shape, drapes well and looks luxurious. It is preferred for cushion covers, curtains and lampshades.

• Wool fabric – They are soft, durable and add warmth to your décor. Preferred as cushion covers and carpets.

• Linen fabric – Linen, a synthetic fabric, has a soft and luminous. It is usually varies in white to ivory colour. They are ideal for bed sheets and pillow cases.

• Acrylic fabric – Acrylic fabric made from acrylic fibre is soft and light. It is considered to be the best substitute to wool. It used in upholstery coverings, blankets and rugs.

• Nylon fabric – Nylon is extremely strong and lightweight. They are easy to wash and dry quickly. They are also used as bed sheets and covers.

• Velvet fabric – Velvet is made from different fabrics woven together. It is one of the most expensive and luxurious fabric. It is used for cushions covers and table runners.

Picking the right fabric:
1. Determine theme for your home. Pick up a fabric that would create the desired look.

2. Pick colours that will suit your mood. For a effective results, cut swatches of fabrics and coordinate them with different colours to match the theme for your room.

3. If the high prices are a worrying factor, it would be great idea to pick up fabric from a store that sell wholesale materials or offer you fabrics at a discounted rate.

4. With a wide variety of fabric to choose from it is always advisable to choose fabrics that match the décor of your home.

5. Always keep in mind the wear and tear your fabric might sustain. For example, you can choose delicate fabrics for your curtains but it would be advisable to select materials such as cotton or leather for your sofas or chairs.

How can fabric help redecorate your space?


1. Ensure privacy and enhance the beauty your windows by installing curtains. Use light fabrics for your curtains as they help getting in more natural light into your room.
2. Redecorate your furnishing by using slipcovers for your sofas, love seats and armchairs. Consider using fabrics that are washable and durable.
3. Add a touch of class to your floors by using rugs for your floors. Place these rugs strategically and see them complement your accessories of your rooms.
4. Use simple throw pillows. They give cosy and a comfortable feel to your room.
5. Use placemats, runners and tablecloths to complement your furniture.

Where to buy

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