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Creative Headboards from Across the World

Creative Headboards From Across The World

Headboards are unique, attractive elements that can give your bedroom a quick makeover! Depending on your budget and your artistic inclinations, choose from a plethora of designs to give your bedroom a personalised look. Get crafty as you browse through these exemplary ideas from across the globe!

Tufted Canvas Headboard

Shabby chic in style, this tufted canvas headboard is a comfort add-on to your bed. The cosy, country styling is accentuated the wooden wall shelves.

Wooden Pallet Headboard

An up-cycled headboard made of basic wooden pallets can add a rustic appeal to your bedroom. Choose natural finish for a raw charm, and paint on a clothesline of chirping birds to wish you a good morning every day!

Intricate Wood Headboard

The carved Indian elephants and Indonesian carvings on natural wood like teak and mango will exude decadence in you bedroom. The grandeur of these headboards also make them apt as striking wall decor pieces.
Aquarium Headboard
This is the most unique way inject panache into your bedroom, An aquarium over the bed’s width, designed as a headboard, will give you an under-the-water- feel, and capture your imagination!
Sequinned Headboard

Shiny baubles and glimmering sequins will give your bedroom a magical touch. Keep the colours muted to let the shimmer shine through, and place flowers in a vase to match the motif of the headboard!

Curtain Headboard

Curtains are quick, easy, and cheap options to make a headboard. Buy a fabric or print to suit your taste, or buy a plain fabric and write your favourite quotes and songs on them in a quirky calligraphy styles!

Library Headboard

An unique way to catch the eye is to place your books open and paste them on the wall behind your bed, to look like a headboard. A eye-popping decor idea!
Tree Branch Headboard
Give your bedroom a fun and feminine flair with a branch headboard, and hanging floral arrangements from it. Don’t forget  to coordinate the wall decals and the furnishings!
Barn Door Headboard
An old barn door hauled from a farmer’s market or a thrift store, can be a statement art piece in you bedroom. Keep the vintage look and distressed finish  to give a raw, rustic appeal to your bedroom.
Get inspired by some of these creative headboard designs across the world, and inject flair and fashion into your bedroom. Simple, isn’t it?