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Declutter Your Home. Here’s How

Here are some easy and affordable ways to refresh and revamp your home!

By Seema Sreedharan

Q. Bedrooms are always difficult to manage—beds, wardrobes, and hundreds of other things! Hiding the clutter is difficult and cleaning, even more so. How does one make it easier?

1. Small spaces such as nooks and corners are the most difficult to clean. Well, if that’s your concern, bring home the sleek and stylish vacuum cleaners. Cleaning will be a breeze, even with children and pets around you!
2. Having a fitted wardrobe is perfect. In fact, you may also be able to raise or lower the shelving to increase space; alternatively, insert rattan or plastic baskets to maximise space. By attaching hooks, shelves or sorters to the doors of the wardrobe, you’ll have a new home for small items.
3. The bedroom can be a magnet for clutter. Recognise all the unused nooks and exploit them for clever storage solutions. Storage cubes are a great option. Use them to store your unused linen or your office stationery.


Q. For some strange reason, space is always a constraint in kitchens. Storage, safety, and cooking––so many things to tackle. How does one make optimal use of space and manage things efficiently?

1. Store grains, pulses and frequently used cooking spoons in glass jars. These containers aren’t pricey and they’ll make a feature on your kitchen work surface. Transparent storage jars help you find ingredients quickly and easily while cooking.
2. Make the most of the space you have. Many offer great space-saving designs to make life easier. They’ll make your kitchen much more organised and you’ll be able to find items quicker. In case you are refurbishing your kitchen, just check out what’s available in the market before you begin. And for existing cupboards, shop around for internal racks, stackable baskets and shelves that can be slotted in.
3. While you are choosing storage jars, keep the aesthetics in mind as well. Ceramic country jars will make your kitchen look extremely stylish.

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