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Different Ways to Organise Your Photos

Creative Ways to Organise Your Photos

Capturing and preserving special moments as photo prints, even in today’s digital age, is an art and function of love! They are tangible, and make it easy and to go back in time. Use creative solutions to display them with whimsical warmth, while keeping them safe and protected. If you are wondering about some great ideas, take a cue from these, and get started!

Photo Books

Take some time and create a wonderful alternative to conventional albums! Whip up a soiree of memories with an old hard bound book. The more yellowed the pages, the better for an antiquated feel! Arrange the photographs by occasion, or chronologically instead. Stick post-it labels or banner strips to describe the events, while the date and year on the cover makes photographs easier to access.

Photo Memory Boxes

This is one simple-yet-creative DIY ! Take a photo memory box and pile your memories by the year inside them. If you are feeling thrifty, a shoe box or a plastic jewellery box will do just fine! Cover it using a fancy paper or fabric, decorate them as you want, colour-code the boxes, and start stacking the photographs inside the boxes.A cool alternative to house your memories!

Natty Scrapbooks

Make a scrapbook at home from a plain album with removable pages. Start by choosing from your best clicks. Paste them on the pages, and choose a good pen or a marker to avoid smudging over time. You can also bind laminated sheets of photographs by the year or vacation taken, to give a timeless pin to your memories! Keep scrapbooks in boxes, and place them flat on shelves for an enhanced shelf life.

Photo Wall Display

Display your photographs in front of your eyes to keep cherishing them every time you glance at them! Align metallic strings in parallel lines, and hang your favourite shots on them with metallic binder clips for a modern, minimalist feel! Take an old desk calendar, and use its each page as a base for a collage. Crop the images with a square punch, add small tags, and mount them on the calendar in a grid format for a fun-and-flirty look!

Use these cool DIY ideas for a fashionable take on your cherished memories, that will linger on for a long time to come!

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