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DIY dangling toiletry organisers to maximise space

Maximise Bathroom Space With Cool DIY Organisers

Is an overcrowded bathroom counter bothering you? Are you going bonkers managing your existing bathroom storage options, and feel that space is just not enough? Then, don’t wait any more. Just put on your crafty cap, and explore these cool DIY bathroom organiser projects that blend fashion with functionality!

Cool Caddy Organiser

If you have a few caddies lying around, along with some rope—here is an innovative solution! Just rope in the caddies along their rim in a parallel fashion, hang them on a hook, and boom! Make sure you use decorative rope or yarn for a stylistic appeal! Use it to hold up your hair brushes, make-up brushes, hair curlers and irons, shampoos, and what have you!

Mason-Jar Organiser

Guilty of obsessively collecting vintage cans, glass canisters, and even empty peanut butter jars? Now you can use them as quirky organisers for your bathroom, or even make-up vanity! Get a few trendy jars and grab some hose clamps from any hardware store. Hammer a hole in the centre of the strip, and affix to a wall. Next, gently slide your jar into the ring and fasten the screw. There you have it, your very own stylish organiser that screams style!

Basket Organiser

Turn wicker baskets into DIY bathroom organisers with effortless ease! Just mount these baskets using decorative clamps on towel rods, and store all your towels, wash cloths, and other bathroom supplies.

Tower Organiser

Simply rope in some wicker baskets or plastic bowls, like the tower of Hanoi to create additional storage space in your bathroom. Hang up on a wall, and you’re done! Stock up your personal supplies in a fashionable manner with this mess-free basket tower.

Pocket Organiser

Clear off your bathroom counter-tops by organising all your stuff in a dangling pocket organiser. Attach to the inside of your bathroom closet, and stock up all your tiny make-up, brushes, soaps, or even your kiddo’s bath toys! Pick one in bold colours or quirky prints to add funk to a white wall or a closet door, and vice-versa.

Minimise mess, and maximise your storage space as you try these DIY projects. Your bathroom will never be the same again!

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