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DIY Ideas For Your Bookshelf

Stylish Book Shelves for Your Home

Are you tired of arranging your books in the same old way? Get creative and try out these DIY bookshelf ideas. They are great ways of displaying your books, while showcasing your creative side and uplifting your décor instantaneously.

Revamp That Door

Decide on the depth and height for your door book-shelf. Cut open an old solid door, attach the planks onto the structure of the door, and paint it to match your décor. Affix rustic hinges and quirky door knobs to make it an attractive piece of décor!

Bring In Nature

This very simple project requires the least effort. You can simply find a tree branch, clean it up, and place it on your wall with the help of a few nails. Use three different branches to make up three rows of bookshelves. This piece adds an artistic touch to your room, while giving you a sense of adventure, and feel of nature.

Invisible Bookshelves

Get the illusion of an invisible bookshelf with this genius hack. They are easy to make with steel L brackets. Measure carefully, and attach one end of the L bracket to the book and one to the wall. Once it is set, you can start stacking one book on top of the other.

Swing By!

This great idea is an illusion again. It looks like a swing but is actually just a plank of wood. Attach the wood to the wall, and then add ropes to the walls with nails. Pierce holes in the plank, and tie in the rope in knots, just like an actual swing!

Go Vintage

An old ladder can be of great use if you want to add a vintage touch to your room. Put in a few planks of refurbished or rustic wood, and display your books in style! You could also display a few show pieces to jazz it up!

Give your home a style boost with these creative bookshelves that blend functionality and fashion such effortlessly!