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DIY Ways to Add Life to your Kitchen Cabinets

DIY Ways to Add Life to Your Kitchen Cabinets

The first thing that would come to your mind to give a new look to your kitchen would definitely be kitchen cabinets. While replacing them is definitely an option, but not an economical one. Why not add some creativity to your existing kitchen cabinets and give a makeover to your kitchen using the right supplies and right ideas? Paint them, decorate the space above them, and reorganize them with these simple DIY tips!

Decorate with Mason Jars

Clueless what to do with the space above the kitchen cabinets? Use your old mason jars or buy cheap mason jars and decorate the space above the cabinet. You could decorate the jars or simply use artificial small flowers or lights or add your creativity to give a new look to the cabinet top.

Remodel the Cabinet Doors

Remodeling the kitchen cabinets is an expensive affair, but with simple DIY ideas, you will be surprised to see a new kitchen by spending just little money. Create patterns on cabinets with tape, stickers, wall papers, tiles or anything else you can think of. Make sure whatever you do is easy to manage and clean.

Fabricate the Cabinet

Stick fabrics on the insides of the cabinets or paint the insides on the cabinet and give it a new look. You would need to stick the fabric on the foam board and just push it at the back of the cabinet. You don’t need to use glue or top or hold it in place, just placing the foam board properly should do. Give your cabinets a beautiful depth!

Chalkboard Cabinet Doors

Let the kitchen cabinet door do the talking for you. Fix a chalkboard sheet on the insides of the cabinet doors and write on those the menu for the day, lists of grocery items that are about to get finished, plan for upcoming parties and so much more.

Decorate the Cabinet Shelves

Want to add some brightness to those plain kitchen cabinets or hide some old marks on the shelves without taking the pain of painting it? Simply use washi tapes to decorate the shelves and give a new look to the cabinet shelves without spending big bucks.

Adding life to your kitchen is just so simple. All you need is to look around for the knickknacks that are available, make use of them creatively and get a remodeled kitchen!