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DIY with Leftover Wallpaper

Wallpapering done, and still got some rolls at hand? Here’s what you can do:

1. Paper your old lampshade with a pretty patterned wallpaper for a bright new light.

2. Create custom coasters by tacking colourful wallpaper onto cardboard discs or squares (available at hobby shops).

3. Challenge your creativity to create trays, photo frames, toy bins, storage boxes, and even room partitions.

4. Create gorgeous works of art by framing beautiful bits of wallpaper in smart wooden frames.

5. Line a shelf, the back of a cupboard or roll it across a desk (under a sheet of glass) for a pop of colour.

6. Use child-friendly wallpaper to create stuff for your child. Laminated tablemats, an accent wall to anchor a play area, or bookmarks for party favours.

7. Create pretty paper buntings to stand out at the next party you host – birthday or potluck!

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