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Easy Fashion DIY: Hardware Store Necklace

Beauty can be spotted everywhere if you’re looking. This simple DIY by Laura Gummerman of A Beautiful Mess shows how:

“This post isn’t as much of a DIY as it is a reminder to stop and look at ordinary objects in front of you every once in a while for hidden potential. I was recently in the plumbing area at the hardware store (over near the copper pipes) when I saw the usual bins of nuts and bolts. But wait a minute—there were some really cool looking bits of tubing and other items I thought would make some interesting beads when put together. After digging through the bins for a good 15 minutes, I thought the compression nuts, hose barb splicers, and compression sleeves would be my favorite items to use for a necklace (although you could definitely use them on a bracelet as well!). There are different sizes of each type, which lets you have variation of scale for your finished piece as well.


I used a leather cord for my chain and finished the ends with cord crimps and a lobster claw closure. If you’re wondering if this necklace is heavy, it’s actually not any heavier than other statement necklaces I have. I think because all the pieces are hollow (and the compression sleeves are super lightweight), it’s not nearly as heavy as it looks. Overall, you can really play around with the pieces to create a modern looking design at a fraction of what it would cost you in a retail boutique. So remember, don’t forget to keep your eyes open wherever you are. You never know what you’ll find!”

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