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Embrace your DIY Spirit

The DIY bug bit almost everyone in the Seventies and Eighties, but the spark died not so long after. DIY has had a revival of sorts in the last few years, with almost everyone keen to do their bit and best towards home improvement.

Social media websites and blogs are abuzz with ideas and tips, and Pinterest offers inspiration like nothing else. It’s time to unleash your inner artist – be it painting, doodling, sewing, carpentry, photography or Photoshop, there’s some way you can translate it into accentuating your home.

Scour the Internet to learn how you can revamp junk into chic products – acrylic, aluminium, wood, tyre tubes, compact discs, vinyl records, jute, cork, wood fibre, industrial felt, cables and wires are a DIY-er’s potential treasure chest. Be it macrame plant hangers, bottle lamps, decoupaged furniture or rope doormats, create a home décor element that’s essentially you. The additional advantage – you’ll most likely be upcycling junk into something of value.

The spirit of DIY seems to have taken urban India by storm. DIY, which initially gained traction as a method of building, modifying, or repairing something on your own (without the help of experts or professionals) has been associated mainly with projects in the home improvement and maintenance domain for decades.

But these days, DIY encompasses a wide gamut – arts and crafts, home décor, fashion, style, toys, films, music, zines, and so on.

Research by UK-based Social Issues Research Centre, an independent nonprofit that researches social and lifestyle issues, has found that the DIY club has different kinds of members. They choose to DIY for their own reasons –economic necessity, creativity and self-expression, seeking perfection, or to mark their territory.

So are you hankering for a one-of-a-kind coffee table? An unusual planter? A standout bedcover? A distinctive scarf? Your very own disinfectant/home cleaner? The best way out: Make your own.

Get started with a jewelled jacket today.

What you need: A bunch of rhinestones or crystals, a jacket, needle and thread, scissors, fabric glue

What to do: Iron your jacket to get a better work surface and lay it out on a table. Decide which sections you want to glam up – the collar and the pockets, the button plackets, or simply the collar. Create a design that you like and glue the rhinestones/crystals on. Once dry, sew them tight to make them stay on longer. Casual elegance!


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