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Fashion for the Bathroom

By Sagar Datta

The words bathroom and fashion may not come together in many sentences, but there’s no reason why they shouldn’t in this time and age. The humble washroom comes in all shapes and sizes – from a tiny wash closet to the fabulous en suite – and there’s a lot you can do to make it fashionable.


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* Begin the experimentation with tiles. Bathroom tiles don’t have to be blue, white or green. Play with colours. Bring in some novelty by playing with the tile placement technique.

* An etched glass door adds a completely new look to the washroom. Bye-bye wooden doors.

* Looking for a sophisticated look? Use onyx-coloured tiles for all walls or cover all walls in pastel colors.

* Try running a tile in a contrasting colours and abstract patterns on a wall or on corners to add visual interest.


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* A washroom could also use an accent wall. Highlight one wall – it could be stone, a special tile or have a display of mirrors.

* Dry areas can have wooden flooring – light or dark – if you are careful about maintenance. This also easily helps segregate the dry and wet areas.

* Show off the vanity with special lighting. Recessed lighting or film-star like mirrors adds to the appeal.

* Use mirrors to add light and perspective. Huge mirrors can make the washroom appear bigger. A collection of smaller mirrors works as display par excellence.


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* Shower panels with LED lights and fancy panels add an ultramodern touch to the bathroom.

* Dismantle all notions of standard bathroom lighting by installing a fancy false ceiling and using LED lights instead.

* Play with shapes and colours. Who said the vanity and sink have to be the same colour? Experiment.

* A long narrow skylight above the tub welcomes views of the sky and helps the angular space feel more open.


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* Consider your fittings carefully. Chrome, gold, copper – there’s a wide variety out there for the taking.

* Add accessories – bright vases, vibrant rugs, or lively bath linen – to add punches of colour into your space.

* A jazzy shower curtain or an ivory lace curtain at the window adds a pretty touch to a conventional bathroom.

* A potted plant, be it in a large planter or a sleek glass bottle – adds a natural vibe. Try creating a vignette around it by using pebbles, shells and other natural accessories.


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* Bring out the candles, potpourri and aromatherapy oils. No room needs to smell more inviting than this one!

* Make yourself linger in the brand new ambience by splurging on a pretty book or magazine stand. Don’t forget to stock it!

Sagar Datta heads New Delhi-based design practice Casa Interio

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