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Get Out of Home On Time, Every Time

By Peggy Duncan

When you leave home late, you start your day stressed out before you have barely started. Simple planning will make life easier and that includes getting out of the house on time. Every second has to count in the morning like no other time.

Do This Weekend

  • Purge and organise your closet, remembering that if you did not wear it last year, you probably will not wear it this year. Separate the things you want to keep, bag the things to give away or consign, and dump the rest. Arrange your closet by styles (casual vs. business), keeping like things together (all your pants/skirts, jackets, blouses/shirts should be grouped together), sorting by color. If you never mix and match, hang complete outfits together and keep in the jacket section.

  • Iron next week’s clothes over the weekend, or set up a routine to do it during the week.

  • Hang clocks all over the house, especially near the bathroom and dressing areas. You will be able to pace yourself better because you will have a clear sense of time.

  • Run errands that include the following: get several sets of your keys made, have your hair cut into a quick and easy style, and gas up your car for the week. If you ride public transportation every day, buy a monthly pass.

  • Plan your errands by batching similar activities in a logical order. For example, you want a new headset from your favorite computer store. Instead of going today, wait until next week because your dental appointment is in the same neighborhood.

Do the Night Before

  • Set the breakfast table after dinner and set out the cereal box too. Put the milk in a container that smaller kids can handle, and place everything they want often on lower shelves.

  • Check your calendar and get prepared with everything you will need for the next day.

  • Choose outfits and accessories (or at least have a good idea of what you will wear the next day). Keep your wardrobe and jewelry very simple, especially when you are traveling.

Do in the Morning

  • Get up first for some quiet time alone. Get others up based on how long it takes them to get dressed.

  • Use a kitchen timer to time everything you do so you can create a morning schedule that works for you.

  • Carry the same pocketbook and briefcase every day and use one that has many compartments. This will allow you to establish a set place for everything, especially for your keys.

  • Adjust your morning schedule based on how long it takes you to get ready and to get somewhere. You might find that you need to get up earlier.

Peggy Duncan is an international personal productivity expert and conference speaker based in Atlanta, Georgia USA. This is an excerpt from her book, The Time Management Memory Jogger (published by GOAL/QPC). ////