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Get the Party Mood On: Make it Hawaiian All-the-way!

Get the Party Mood On: Make it Hawaiian All-the-way!

Bored of the black suit-and–tie parties? Switch to shorts and flowy dresses, and sip on to pina coladas as you throw the perfect Hawaiian themed party! So here is how you do it! Hawaiian theme parties are fun and colourful.

The Perfect Aloha Clothes

To dress up like the Hawaiians choose cotton, silk, or rayon. Go for detailed motifs and simple lines. Surfing theme and floral shirts work best. As for the fitting, it is better to have properly fitted clothes. A body hugging, flowy, colourful dress will let your curves do their best!


A fun décor is what is needed at a Hawaiian themed party. String party lights across the yard, and place potted palms. Nice colourful flowy fabric to cover the tables , colourful cushions and straw hats add to the look. Bright flower arrangements will do wonders too!

Food for the Tummy

Gather up all the tropical fruits that are available; melons, pineapple, coconuts, and papaya and make nice salads out of these. Other than that, the Hawaiian cuisine includes rice, pork, beef and a lot of sea-food.

For drinks, chilled fruity drinks spiked with vodka and rum are the perfect ones to have. They add the chill in the summers and get the party mood going. You can keep one or two of those, to curb the costing.

Tunes to Dance On

Get some party music and get those moves in play. Elvis Prestly, Exotica genre, and Arthur Lyman might get some magic on. The music needs to be dreamy and oh-so-romantic! One can always buy CD’s that play Hawaiian music on the loop.

It’s all about the party mood going and having a good time. So, arrange a Hawaiian themed party, have some fun and shout out ALOHA!