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Get your Dream Dressing Room Home

For many, fashion is an art form in its own right, and buying certain shoes or clothes is like investing in a masterpiece.

Here are four simple decorating ideas to make your dressing room a gallery of fashion.

1. Large vintage mirror


Browse the op-shops or go to different framers for a selection of stunning, tall mirrors with intricate borders. Once you’ve found just the right one, paint it in your favourite vintage colour. Rather than hanging it up, prop it up against the wall outside the wardrobe door, and place a potted plant beside it. Instant chic!

2. A coat of paint


Paint the doors on your wardrobe, inside and out, so you feel like you are entering the fashion world every time you step inside. Even consider painting the back and side walls of your wardrobe – a secret colour just for your enjoyment!

3. Floating shelves


Cheap timber can be nailed to spare spaces in your wardrobe for storing shoes and accessories. Paint the shelves to match the door.

4. Colourful coat hangers


Take inspiration from fashion designer Ingrid Starnes and paint your coathangers in your favourite colours. Colour co-ordinate with your clothing or randomly mix and match – you choose!

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