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Host the Best Brunch for your Female BFFs

Brunches were born – supposedly in Europe – to provide a repast for late-night party revelers. Since then, they’ve become a part and parcel of every society. Let’s face it – they’re wonderful to host since they let you start late in the day (by noon), allow you to spend the afternoon with family or friends eating, drinking coffee/your choice of tipple, and – get this – leave you with your evenings free!

Brunches are terrific for any occasion – Sunday is a good day as is any holiday. The day after – be it the day after a festival, birthday party or ladies night out – is also ideal. The best part about brunch is that you can do as you please – brunches can range from casual to formal, and you can serve up any kind of food.

How do you host the best brunch?

First things first. Don’t try and do everything. Let other people help put in simple ways – someone may want to bring in a couple of bottles of wine, another may want to put together the dessert. Don’t refuse offers of help; it doesn’t make you Superwoman!

Wow with stunning cocktails. Get your maid to put together some fresh-squeezed OJ and set up a mimosa bar. Set out pretty pitchers of orange juice and chilled bottles of champagnes, and let people make their own mimosas. Or else, you can try Bloody Marys or Bellinis!


Letting people make their own drinks and nibble on some light starters – nuts, olives or crostini – leaves you free to add the finishing touches to your meal and greet your guests.

Keep the food simple, yet memorable. Keep a main course and offer plenty of sides. So maybe a pasta dish with a salad, quiches and garlic bread. Or parathas with a salad and raita, followed up by a couple of Indian desserts. Other options include combinations with scrambled eggs, frittatas, quiches, pies, roasted hash browns, sandwiches, French toast, fruit, and muffins (or other baked goodies). Opt for a light menu – you don’t want to spend the evening moaning about being stuffed!

An ideal brunch menu should include a main course (can go for both sweet and savoury), a meat/egg item, salad, fruit, breads, drinks and hot beverages. To host the perfect lunch, you must make ahead – as much as you can. Cakes, muffins and early-prep dishes (like French toast) are every girl’s best friends.

Give your brunch a personal touch. Make a wonderful yogurt-based dip or hummus to serve with starters, throw together a quick strawberry or plum compote to serve with ice cream and cake, or bake a meat pie. Something that adds zing to the table and leaves your guests with a smile on their face.

Plate things right. If we’ve learnt one thing from watching all that Masterchef, it’s that plating is as important as the cooking! Consider the tablescape when setting out the food – tableware, linen, decorations and food must be parts that form a unified whole.


Consider setting up items “pre-sliced”. That does away with the problem of struggling to get a slice of pizza. Guests can taste small bits instead of taking (and sometimes wasting) huge portion sizes.

End things with a wonderful cup of coffee. A coffee maker is great if you have it, but let’s face it, even powdered doesn’t taste bad with great company. Or else, serve up mugs of steaming hot chocolate – with a dollop of liqueur – to round things off in style.

Let there be a takeaway, a party favour, for every guest! How about DIY a week ahead? Personalised wine glasses, monogrammed napkins, scented candles, pretty succulents or spas in jars are bye-bye gifts that will have your guests hankering to return to another brunch.


Have fun!

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