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Hosting a Luau Party in Style

Hosting a Luau Party in Style

Are you stumped for a unique party theme this weekend? Steer away from the habitual themes of superheroes, fairy princess, Halloween, retro style, and others. Think sun, sand, and island revels. Plan a tropical luau party in style leaving your guests sipping tropical drinks and dancing to Hawaiian tunes. A Luau party is easy to throw and can be used as a theme for all age parties. Here are some swift ideas that will transform your venue into a Hawaiian island in no time.

1. Luau Inspired Party Invites

Set the Hawaiian tone for a thrilling afternoon or go electrifying with a beach night party invite. Go for easy DIY party invitations in a cork bottle with a note inside, a five- inch cardstock cut in skirt shape and embellished with flowers or seashells or both, a cute flip flop that reads your party details or a coconut with a note.

2. Luau Party Appetizers

Fish and chips are passé. Dunken crispy chips in pineapple salsa, quick pineapple bites, fruit cups, Hawaiian meat balls, Filipino spring rolls, mango salsa, cute pizza cups, cheese bread sticks are just a few of the many poolside retreats that will transport your guests to the tropics.

3. Luau Party Food

Decorate a table with a buffet style meal of the traditional Poi, chicken drumsticks with honey – mustard sauce, Hawaiian cheese balls, chicken teriyaki kababs, grilled fish, baked breads followed by tropical deserts like coconut crème brulee, custard, frozen pina coladas and more. The food for a luau party is incomplete without Hawaiian sandwiches and Topical Ham and pineapple kababs. Upgrade the home backyard spread into an exotic island with lip smacking tropical menu on board.

4. Aloha Drinks

Pineapples, kiwi, strawberries, and melons make perfect fruit skewers. Wrap the drink glasses in flower band, adorn them with lemon rings and paper umbrella straws to serve Aloha drinks in style.

5. Luau Party Games

Serenade the Hawaiian evening to sway along with Aloha music and watch your guests having their best time. Get your guests into the groove with the Luau Limbo time, watermelon eating contest, coconut bowling, bamboo stacking game and more. Hide gems, beads, corals, necklaces, small jewellery pieces in a bucket of sand and play the dig for treasure game. Equip your guests with leis and grass skirts to get the authentic Luau feel.

6. Luau Party Favours

Embellished favour bags, beach baskets and tropical glass bottles filled with sand, sea shells, beads, and coloured stones work best to stuff the goodies. Sunglasses, skin and body care lotions, tote bags for the adults while candies, inflatable dolphins, summer goodies for kids are the perfect Luau party favours that you can swear by.

Tropical flowers, seashells, bamboo palms, coconuts, flower accessories and garlands for the guests is all that you need to set the mood for a luau party in style. Oh yes! Faux is just fine.

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