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Hosting a Monsoon themed Kitty Party

Host The Perfect Monsoon-Theme Kitty Party

Don’t let the monsoons dampen your party spirit. Cheer up and welcome this beautiful season by making it the theme of your next kitty party. Organise a colourful one indoors, in a garden, or by the poolside. Take a cue from these fresh and unique ideas, and host a lively, mind-blowing monsoon party. This party will get talked about for a long time to come, we promise!

Pep Up The Entry

A big balloon arch or an arch made of umbrellas accentuates the entry of your party location in style. Alternatively, you can create a fun canopy of umbrellas and add raindrops for a realistic touch. Let the colours be bright and lively. You may also want to choose from monsoon hues like blue, deep beige, green, indigo and white for décor.

An Outdoor Extravaganza

Use colourful umbrellas, raincoats, flowers and colourful fabrics for decoration. Hang the open umbrellas up from the ceiling, or upside down from trees using ribbons for a festive look. Paper cut-outs of clouds lend a whimsical touch, while rain boots filled with fresh flowers make for great table centre-pieces. If you opt for the conventional round seating, hang umbrellas as shades right above each seat. Decorate the buffet space with silver metallic fringed curtains, and rustle them with a fan to simulate wind and rain!

Indoor Fun-and-Frolic!

If you want to host your monsoon-theme party indoors, here are some ideas. Get some cute cloud-shaped party invites for your guests, and buy cutesy paper umbrellas as party mementoes. Watering cans as beverage servers, and cloud cookies with white icing get the point across in style. Keep the dress code casual and colourful. Add more power to the punch with everyone wearing clogs or rain-boots as footwear. A removable rainbow wall decal is the perfect backdrop for your group photo memory! After all, if there is rain, can the rainbow be far behind?

Bring the joy back this season with these creative kitty party ideas. Party hard!