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Hottest Home Decor Trends From Around The World

Stylish Global Décor Trends For Your Home

Let your home come to life with global decor inspirations. From Morocco and Indonesia, to Spain and England—there are scores of ideas that have inspired the world of interior design. Explore some of these with us, and choose your favourites to incorporate into your home. Let the geographical borders diffuse as you lend your home a fashionable touch.

Mesmerising Morocco

The vibrant colours and striking patterns of the Moroccan tiles give your decor an exotic look! Use it as a back-splash in your kitchen, or an accent piece on the hallway wall for a stunning appeal. Get carried away into a dreamy world with the soft play of light-and-shadow with by decorating with a few Moroccan lanterns and lamps. Lay out a Moroccan rug, and Voilà! You have nailed the inspired look!

Intriguing Indonesia

Indonesian Ikat brings in a sense of movement and fluidity in your space. Go for multicolour prints on a white wall, or play with two colours for a trendy bi-colour look. Batik prints on furnishings, and intricate carvings on wooden furniture are also very typical design elements of Indonesia. Place a traditional Buddha statue or a statue near the entrance for an exotic feel.

Stunning Spain

The warm, earthy tones of Spanish terracotta are en-vogue! Display colourful Spanish serve-ware on kitchen counter-tops to impress your guests, or add pizzazz with handmade artifacts on your wall rack. Get inspired from typical Spanish architectural elements like arched doorways, and use a breezy colour palette for a chic, Mediterranean look. The colourful Spanish tiles are a riot of colours. Use them to give your kitchen, bathroom, or even the staircase a serious dose of chic fashion.

Elegant English

Classy and elegant, the English club chairs make an effortless statement. Carrying the romanticism of the bygone era, it can be a perfect match for your home if you are Victorian in your tastes. Paisley curtains, and wild blooms of roses on cushions exude the charm and simplicity of an English countryside. Embrace an Union Jack theme for your decor. It doesn’t get more English than that, does it?

Open your heart and your home to these beautiful global home décor trends to make a trendy fashion statement!

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