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How Green is Your Kitchen Garden?

Who says you need a plot to have a kitchen garden?

Modern living has ensured that the evolution of the kitchen garden – most urban dwellers now grow herbs and veggies in pots.

Begin with a selection that’s often used – basil, mint, coriander, lemongrass, curry leaf and aloe vera. They’re all low maintenance and useful for your culinary ventures. Most herbs need a lot of sun, at least 4­6 hours a day. To promote growth, pinch off new growth off the ends periodically. Water the herbs when the top one inch of the soil is dry.

After your herbs are thriving, growing vegetables in containers could be the next adventure. Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and scallions (spring onions) grow well in containers in a hot climate. The plants may need to be supported, either by single stakes or a few pushed into the edges of the pots.

Vegetables in containers need a little extra attention. Adding mulch—a protective cover that helps retain moisture and suppress weed growth—keeps the surface temperature of the soil cooler.

Plants need TLC just like most of us. If you aren’t the gardening type, fix up weekly gardener visits. And enjoy your fresh greens!

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