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How these 5 Trendy DIY Centrepieces will add zing to your living room!

5 Trendy DIY Coffee Table Centrepieces

Who doesn’t love a brilliantly festooned living space? Dress up your coffee table with creative centrepieces for an elegant visual appeal. Whatever style fancies you, you just cannot resist the enticing blank canvas in your living room for your DIY art. Enliven your space with chic centrepieces out of things around your home and impress all your guests. Catch everyone’s fancy with artistic pieces of décor with these ideas that suits your style.

Flora with a Twist

Believe it or not, it’s a DIY ball of flowers! Style a styrofoam ball with silk flowers atop a candlestick and instantly uplift the ambiance in your living space. Ribbon the candlestick for an ultimate bouquet.

Love Coffee?

Spice up the décor with dark-roast coffee beans in translucent candle holders. Place scented tealights in them wherein the heat from the beans freshens up the atmosphere of the room. Enhance this DIY décor with burlap ties and elegant cutting board.

Tea, Anyone?

Not just perfect for a noon tea-party, deck your coffee table with dainty teacups décor. Insert coffee bean flower balls into colourful stuffing for unique DIY centrepieces. Adorn the cup with pretty pearls and pretty bows and ribbons.

Vases to Die For

Reuse your old liquor, wine bottles, jars, or other caskets for a casual touch of stylish appeal. Douse the bottles in coats of vibrant paints and style them with flower bouquets. Place them on glimmering trays or boards for balance.

Rustic Candlelights

Give your living room a vintage feel with cylinder glass vases filled with dried lentils. Decorate the inside with autumn leaf tied pillar candle for soothing light effect. Add in an arty flair with fall leaves, crafty apples, pine-cones, acorns, or pears placed right on the coffee table top.

Update your home décor with fun, attention-grabbing DIY centrepieces and enjoy the blissful feeling.

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