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How To Play Up Your Home Decor With Spanish Influences

Magnificient Spanish Elements Of Home Décor

If you love grandeur and stoic simplicity simultaneously, classical Spanish decor style might just be your calling. The stark touches of old-world wonders will give your home a touch of elegance, while the Spartan interiors with their earthy elements exude a exotic-yet-contemporary air! Read on to discover how to give your homes an effortless Spanish style-spin!

Eye-Catching Main Doors

Elaborate main doors with intricate artisan-ship, are characteristic of Spanish decor. Be it in wood, or metal—rest assured it will lend your home a touch of royalty! Antiquated looks of these doors, coupled with bold bright colours, will blow your mind!

Grand Arches

The classical revival of Spanish architecture has made these grand arches archetypal of a Spanish decor style. Grand and overwhelming, these traditional semi-circular arches lend instant character, while arcades and pillars add to the beauty of your interiors.

Open Courtyards

Peculiar features of Spanish-style houses are their open courtyards. They are placed centrally inside, with the rest of the home being built around them. Open skies are, therefore, a part of every Spanish-inspired home. Trees, potted plants, big urns, planters, and iron benches give a whimsical feel.

Classy Colonial Ambiance

The Spanish hacienda architectural flavour is enhanced by classical influences on the decor. The lavish seating arrangements, colourful rugs, high ceiling, open beams, and stucco walls all contribute to the elegant colonial feel. High back chair and leather settees are reminiscent of old-world charm.

Ornamental Craftsmanship

The heavy ornamentation on wrought iron gates and railings are another interesting feature of Spanish homes. Long winding staircases, wrapped in intricate work, stand out! Vintage grilles and iron screens give your outdoors an exotic feel, while also acting as statement pieces for your interiors !

Vibrant Spanish Tiles


Glazed ceramic tiles, bright and colourful, form the centre of a Spanish decor style. Wainscot your walls with these exquisite works of art to accentuate your ambiance, or clad you staircase in these striking pieces to assert your tasteful inclinations.

Bright Coloured Interiors

Spanish decor style is influenced by the art and architecture, and colour palettes of the Mediterranean region. Hence, it is inspired by a coastline- inspired colour palette, and bright hues of bold colours are a trademark of Spanish homes.

You will be surprised how embracing Spanish decor inspirations for your home, will make lasting first impressions!