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Ingenious Ways to Organise Your Shoes

Ingenious Ways to Organise Your Shoes

If you have been wondering how to organise your never-ending selection of shoes, here are some dream shoe-storage solutions just for you! Stack your shoes on wardrobe doors, stash them under the bed, or place them in a shoe bag in a separate hamper—ideas are endless! Read on for more wow-worthy storage DIY tips and tricks…

Recycled Wooden Pallet Racks

Old and discarded wooden pallets make for functional and attractive shoe storages. Look for one in your garage, or buy one from a flea market. Clean it up but retain its worn-out look to coordinate with a rustic décor. Paint it in bright colours to stand out against muted walls, and give a style twist by organising your shoes by colour!

Secret Under-the-bed Racks

Building an under-the-bed shoe organiser is a versatile solution for rooms with limited storage space. Choose from storage that slides, or has covers as well. While a see-through lid will help locate shoes easily, the ones with pull handles will make it easy to transport. You can also buy ready-made organiser that slide under the bed, and fold-away while not in use. For that matter, an ottoman with storage, is also a good place to stash your shoes!

Innovative PVC Pipe Rack

How about a shoe rack of PVC pipes? Get some from your hardware store, cut them in desired lengths and affix them on the wall. Make a honeycomb design for a trendy feel, or design in abstract ways for a quirky look. Choose the width of the pipes based on if your shoes are flat and malleable, or have high heels. You may also want to colour the pipes for colour-coding your precious pairs!

Crown Molding Racks

If your heels are worth showing off, display them on your bedroom walls using crown moldings. Crown moldings have a lip on the wall side that keeps your shoes from falling. It’s a quirky way to use wall space for organising shoes, while freeing up floor space. Play around with colours and designs to make a style statement!

Use these simple DIY ideas to organise your footwear in multiple ingenious ways. Next time while going out, no need to scout around, Just pick up your favourite pair, and run!