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Keep Your Home Office Healthy

So you work from home and think that your home office is a far healthier place than a regular office?

Think again. It isn’t an area where you would expect bacteria and germs, but your work desk – the spot where you spend more than eight hours every day – is infested with germs.

Researchers who swabbed chairs, phones, computer mice, keyboards, and desktops to check bacteria levels found the work desk teeming with bacteria sourced from everyday skin-shedding, sneezing, coughing, soil, water and even from the digestive tract. Most bacteria were found in chair backs and phones—may be because people are more likely to clean their desks and keyboards than chairs!

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Keep your work environment (and home) healthy by following these tips regularly:

  • Clean your desk surface thoroughly. A stash of cleaning materials (glass and wood cleaners, wipes and other stuff) may be a good investment for this area.

  • Make cleaning your keyboard part of a weekly drill. Don’t forget to swipe down your mouse. Be careful that sprays and cleaners don’t damage the equipment.

  • Women’s handbags and laptop bags go everywhere – they are plonked on bathroom floors, in shopping carts and in cars, and are hotbeds of germs. Ensure that you wipe them down with a sanitiser or cleanser.

  • Always wash your hands before eating. Or else, use a hand sanitiser.

  • Keep your lunch/snack on a makeshift placemat (could be a paper or a napkin) to capture crumbs.

  • Clean your work space before and after a meal. Research says that 80 per cent of all infections are transmitted by contact, including contact with surface areas.

  • Don’t forget to wipe down the door handle of your cabin/cubicle. It’s often handled by many people every day, and needs a cleanup more than once in a while.

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