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Keeping Pets and Homes Clean the Right Way

Are you that guy whose apartment is covered in dog hair and smells like a wet towel?

Don't be him and more importantly, don't blame the pets. It's your house after all. Take ownership and make use of the key tips below to keep your house respectable, fresh and inviting. The same goes for your pets too.


Invest in plants

Yes, everyone loves a bouquet of flowers but these are going to be essential every day so pick something that is low maintenance like bamboo. Don't forget to water them. Don't get Cacti else Juliet your sweet cat will be in a very foul mood.


The prices on vacuums have really come down in India the last few hours. This is the best time to make the leap. Yes, you will have the local "bai" drop by to clean but not 5 seconds after she's gone, Fluffy and Whiskers have turned the place upside down again. There are even some special animal hair versions these days available wherever they sell pet supplies.


Clean your pets

It might come as a shock to you but your pets do need actual grooming from you. Don't depend on a dog licking itself clean all the time. Cleaning Brando's deep black coat and sparkly white teeth will work wonders in the long run and save you expensive and frequent trips to the vet.


Get the right friend

We have written in the past the best breeds to get for a small apartment if you're into dogs. The same goes for everyone else. A breed that doesn't shed much could be exactly what you need. And always look to adopt - there are so many pets out there looking for the perfect master. Maybe you're the one.

Spot stays here

It's always good for a pet to have a sense of belonging and a personal space. Yes, we know you have a tiny apartment but imagine how much good will come from letter Bonkers sleep on his own bed in the living room every day. You have one place in the house to deep clean every time the guests come over and your bedroom is pretty much free of wet dog hair. I'd call that a win-win.

Pets are amazing and so is your house. Don't neglect either and your guests will be as thankful as your future self. So clean up and have fun.

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