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Let Children’s Artwork Brighten Up Your Home

Day in and day out, your children create artwork that’s replete with strong lines, bright colours and cheerful simplicity. Have you considered using children’s artwork to add cheer to a dull wall or room?

Artwork by children provides splashes of colour, personality and whimsy to your home. Whether you choose to showcase it on the fridge, in the living room, or in the lounge, these simple doodles and drawings can brighten up any home. Apart from adding a quirky touch, these displays can build a sense of self-worth and pride.


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Show it off. In many homes, a child’s artwork only finds place in his or her room. Bring it out of there and see how it has the potential to brighten up every space – be it a dull hallway, the front porch or the refrigerator. Don’t worry about the décor of your home – be it formal, contemporary or ultramodern, there’s always space to display your child’s creative streak. Co-ordinating frames or colour themes can help unify the artwork with your décor. But the best way to display your child’s art is whatever works best for you and your home!


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Display differently. There’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to doing up a space with children’s artwork. A montage of pictures, framed drawings, collages or a changing display each month – go with what takes your fancy. Remember that though they love seeing their artwork displayed, children tend to get bored very quickly and would like to see their latest work on display as soon as it’s done!


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Try these ideas to ensure that your collection and display grows with your children:

  • Designate a wall as the Wall of Fame. This is a great idea to ensure that your child’s artwork does not take over your entire home. How you display the artwork is up to you – stretch a pretty ribbon across the room and hang the artwork from it with clothespins, use a notice board with magnets or a soft board with pins. When guests come calling, interested ones can be taken to the in-house “art gallery”.

  • The Wall of Fame can have special displays to co-ordinate with seasons and holidays. Over time, as the child grows up, select pieces from different periods – you’ll have a quick display that reveals his or her evolution as an artist.

  • After the artwork has had its days on the Wall of Fame, file things away in a binder. Label and date it to create a memory of childhood for your child.

  • Slide artwork and photos under a sheet of glass on a coffee table to liven up an informal living area. Or else, keep changing the display in a glass cabinet (artwork can be stuck to glass panes with transparent adhesive tape).

  • Make magnets that can give some competition to the souvenirs adorning your refrigerator. Small portions of a drawing – such as flowers, fairies, clouds etc. – can be cut out and laminated. Glue a small magnet (visit your nearest art and crafts store) to the back, and you have small keepsakes ready.

  • Favourite artwork over the years can be used to create a collage. Glue the artwork randomly on a thick sheet and laminate if you want it to last for years.

  • A special set of pictures can be converted into table mats. Glue the pictures on to thick cardstock sheets and have them laminated. Smaller pictures can be used to make coasters.

  • Bright drawings and doodles can be turned into a calendar. Scan the chosen artwork and design your own calendar at an online art store. You could also do key chains, stickers, mouse pads, piggy banks, mugs, tee-shirts, gift tags, note books, note pads and playing cards. Or else, print out the artwork on photo cushions, beer mugs or plates, and create great gifts for the family.

  • At festival time, select a favourite piece of art done that year (choose two if you have two children), and create greeting cards to send out to family and friends.

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