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Make Greige a Part of Your Home

The dictionary defines greige as “being in an unbleached undyed state as taken from a loom —used of textiles”. Greige literally means grey goods, and usually refers to raw fabric that’s not gone through the process of being dyed, bleached or finished.

In home décor, greige is a gorgeous new neutral, a wonderful and versatile alternative to the usual neutrals black, white, grey and brown. A mix of grey and beige, greige has become extremely popular in home décor.

How do you use it?

greige 2

In the background. Like any good neutral, greige can create the perfect stage for any room. It can be combined with any colour and can build bridges between strong colours. Greige walls or a greige ceiling can create a serene ambience.

To create textured appeal. Beige is ideal for multi­layered and nuanced décor. Juxtapose it with a medley of contrasting textures, fabrics, and shapes for a dynamic space. A shaggy rug, patterned wallpaper or a velvet ottoman create interest. As do dark woods, glass, metals and tiles to create interest.

By layering. This is another easy way when it comes to using greige. Use contrasting colours as accent colours or use darker tones of greige to add depth. Add small punches of colour through artwork and accessories.

Rethink your neutral colour scheme with greige. Create an ambience that changes with your mood – soft and ethereal, tranquil and elegant, erudite and complex.


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