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Make Your Guests Welcome with a Super Guest Room

In these busy times, house guests seem to be a luxury that most of us can ill-afford. But having guests over doesn’t really have to be tedious. A little planning and investment in a few “bells and whistles” will ensure that you’re everyone’s favourite host. And that guests keep inviting themselves over, again and again!

  • Ensure that the guest room is thoroughly cleaned – don’t forget to shift furniture and vacuum neglected areas. If you can, change or wash cushion covers and curtains. The room should allow people to move around comfortably.

  • Keep extra pillows, coverlets and blankets at hand and ensure that the window treatments keep glare out. The room will stay fresh an odour-free if you burn some essential oil or spritz a scented spray.

  • After cleaning up, don’t forget to make some room in the closet (keep extra hangers) and dresser for your guests’ belongings – this small gesture works wonders!

  • Stock the bedside table with basic amenities such as a reading lamp, alarm clock (so guests don’t request a wake-up call), coasters and a jug of water.

  • The tech age calls for a couple of accessible electrical outlets. A family is likely to have at least a couple of cellphones, a camera and an iPod that they may want to charge.

  • A magazine rack stacked with an array of magazines and tins of sweet and savoury nibbles in plain sight will make most guests happy.

  • The bathroom must be welcoming. Fresh towels, new soaps and toiletries and a couple of aromatherapy candles will ensure a spa-like feel. If your guests include elderly people and children, ensure that rugs are slip-free.

  • Things to keep handy include common medicines (for headaches, fever and tummy upsets), mosquito repellent machines and creams, and essentials such as toothbrushes, face washes or moisturisers.

  • If your guests are on a first-time visit to your city, put aside a few maps, lists of local restaurants and markets, and city amenity guides in their room.

  • Don’t miss a nightlight in the guest room and a zero-watt lamp in the hallway to guide the way. Also keep in mind that a vase of fresh-cut colourful flowers is a welcoming gesture like none other!

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