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Old is Gold: Make Magic by Repurposing and Reusing

Does a design element has to be all-show, no use? Unleash your inner artist and look at every item in your home as a potential accent. Use a pretty teapot that you never use at tea time to show off flowers, corral things on your dresser in a bright bowl you bought for serving snacks, reposition a spice rack to store nail paints and lipsticks, and stack up old jars in the kitchen. Group colourful and often-used items – neckpieces, caps, shot glasses or mugs – together to create an interesting visual display. Add a shot of gold paint to wooden spoons, or bring out those Jaipuri plates to put up on the wall. The heart of the home, the kitchen, lends itself particularly well to using elements that club form and function. Coasters, jars, decorative pots, kettles can be chosen to be decorative and functional. Use things like chalkboard paint, fabric or gold spray-on glitter to give jars, bottles and glasses a funky touch.


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