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Opt for Organic, Invest in Health and Home

You eat organic to keep your body healthy. Why then do you use sheets and towels made from regular fabric?

The plus point of using linen made with organic materials is that, like organic food, the fibres they use have been grown without using chemicals. Bedding also ingests chemicals in the production process – they are often added to keep it wrinkle-free – meaning you are sleeping on sheets that may indirectly leach chemicals on to your skin.

Organic linen is hypoallergenic (avoids allergies caused by other fabrics), hygroscopic (absorbs moisture and stays cool), often antibacterial, and is known to promote deep and relaxing sleep. Transitioning your home to organic linen is a good idea – especially in homes with newborns, children, people with sensitive skin and those with a history of allergies.

Organic linens don’t come cheap, but think of them as an investment – for your home and your health!