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Phone Needs to be Charged? Here Comes Phone-charging Furniture

Wi-fi has made accessing internet and personal mobility a breeze, be it for cellphones, tablets or laptops. But despite the ease, we’re still tied down – how can one do without the cords, adapters and outlets needed to recharge?

E-coupled technology—intelligent wireless power that will soon be built into furniture —will change all that. Soon, you’ll be able to recharge enabled digital devices simply by placing them on a special desk or table.

Swedish home-furnishings giant IKEA has already entered the phone-charging game and will soon offer a new line of furnishings with wireless charging capabilities. Bedside tables, lamps, and desks will employ the Qi wireless system; charging mats will be placed just beneath their surfaces and marked by plus signs. Simply place a Qi-enabled device, like the Samsung Galaxy S6, on the marker and it will charge. The Qi wireless charging technology is compatible with about 80 different types of smartphone, including Samsung Galaxy, Nokia Lumia, Google Nexus and Sharp Aquos phones. For devices without Qi capabilities – such as iPhone — IKEA will offer phone cases compatible with the technology. Apart from furniture, IKEA will also sell wireless charging pads that can be placed almost anywhere in your home or office, though the pads still need to plug into an outlet.

Welcome to the wireless word!

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