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Pick the Perfect Pillow

Most of us believe that a good night’s sleep is linked to the mattress. But that’s only half the story. The pillow you rest your head on also matters. If it’s off, you may wake up groggy, tired and irritable.

Hard or soft? Firm or downy? Whatever your preference, the right pillow should comfortably provide support to the head and neck, and shouldn’t deflate or lose fluffiness easily.

Sleep expert and chiropractor Rick Loos, the inventor of the Proper Pillow, in an interview said: “A lot of people think pillows are designed just for your head, but really a pillow needs to be designed to support your neck…If you’re on the wrong pillow … you can actually present yourself with a sleep injury, like a pinched nerve, a kink in your neck or numb fingers.”

How do you figure out if a pillow is perfect? It should fill the gap between your head and your shoulders in your favourite sleeping position. Comfort is subjective, and so is the choice of material, but ensure that the pillow keeps you comfortable and in good posture.

And no matter what material and cost, all pillows tend to lose “integrity” in three years and should be replaced. After all, do you really want to be sleeping in three years’ worth of accumulated dirt, oil, dead skin cells and dust mites?

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