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Play the Spring Cleaning Game

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Spring cleaning can seem like a chore, but not when you make it into a family contest. Get set to give your home the best scrubbing of its life with our tips.

Announce your intention to the entire family the week before. Facilitate interest by announcing that you’ll be serving snacks and giving out prizes.

Keep interest levels high by sending an email invite to everyone (except the small kids and pets!)

Gather all supplies – brooms, dustpans, mops, cleaning liquids and cloths – beforehand to ensure there’s no glitch on D-day.

Start things right by divvying up the family into two teams.

Break up the home into rooms and spaces that need to be organised and cleaned. Hide tokens around these areas.

The idea of the cleanup game is simple. The people who have the most tokens at each break time win a small prize.

Go room by room, closet by closet, drawer by drawer. Follow the keep, toss, purge rule to ensure that you declutter while cleaning up.

Clean walls, windows, picture frames, mirrors and furniture. Don’t forget fans, switchplates, door knobs and handles.

Wash all curtains and rugs, and change cushion covers and runners.

In closets and cupboards, open up each drawer, remove all items, wipe clean drawer, lay a plastic sheet or fabric (avoid paper, it leads to cockroaches), and put all items back.

Don’t forget a snack break in the midst of things. Serve lemonade, juices and easy on-the-go stuff like sandwiches, wraps and brownies.

Sort through books, magazines, DVDs, accessories and toys and give away what you don’t want.

The kitchen needs special attention. Go over all closets and bottles thoroughly.

This contest will need constant supervision by you as you’re the only one who knows what goes where and stays there.

Keep the prizes small yet noteworthy. That will keep the family kicked and charged up for next year’s cleanup.

Take photographs of the event. They serve as a fun reminder of an unusual day you had.

End the day with a long hot shower or soak in the tub and head to a favourite restaurant for dinner. You all deserve a treat!

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