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Raid and Recycle

Turn out your closet to update your home in a jiffy.

BBM Festive

• Bring out old silk saris and turn them into just-right-for-the-festive-season cushion covers.

• Old ruffled shirts can become interesting cushion covers.

• Georgette and chiffon saris that are old are fancy sheer curtains in the making.

• An old sari palav that you’ve always loved could be framed and turned into an opulent piece of art.

• Reinvent pieces of brocade and borders as luxurious table runners or sofa throws.

• Old broken earrings can be stitched onto plain cushions for an opulent look, or strung up on pretty ribbons as fancy ornaments.

• Fancy dinner party? Rhinestone brooches and earrings make splendid napkin rings.

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