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Repel Mosquitoes with this Blanket

Who doesn’t like the rain? But most of us hate the mosquito menace that follows. Coils, papers, repellants, sprays, ointments and unguents – you’ve tried them all but can’t make the winged visitors go away?

Try mosquito-repellant bedding.


The Mosgard range of mosquito repellant blankets, coverings that are harmless to the body (even pregnant women and children) and environment friendly. Tested by SGS India Pvt. Ltd. and the government’s Textiles Committee, the bed linen meets WHO standards. The blanket is 100 per cent cotton dyed and is available in six colours and various prints. The blanket is non-allergic, odourless, easily washable and durable –the mosquito repellency period is about 3 and half years if washed once a month.

Usable in all seasons (plop it on top of your winter razai for additional covering), the blanket’s ideal for travelling and camping out.

Pick up one today!