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Resene’s Top Colour and Wallpaper Trends

The festive season is the perfect time to redecorate – or update – your home. We give you the top trends forecasted by Resene, a top New Zealand-based paint and wallpaper manufacturer.


A new colour trend coming through at present is the new fashion pastels. Soft pastel colours have been swirling around our homes for a few years now, with icy gelato tones and lolly colours.

1. Pastels grow up. This season, pastels are growing up. They’ve moved from those watery looks to a more muddied, dusky style. It’s a more grown-up, sophisticated palette. And we’re using a variety of them in one room, not just a touch here and there.


2. Soft neutrals at play. With this new approach to pastel schemes, soft neutrals have a strong role to play, sitting happily alongside pastels.


3. Colour on the floor. We’re seeing paint colours making their way into flooring so that becomes a part of the paint palette.


4. Ceilings as a canvas. Ceilings are becoming a popular canvas for colour. Traditional ceilings have been white but there is a trend to continuing the wall colour on to the ceiling for a cocoon of colour or a striking, bold contrast. Ceilings tend to be expansive, uncluttered spaces and are often an easier choice for a feature space than the feature walls of the past. Many rooms don’t suit feature walls because there is so much furniture, artwork and other obstructions that the feature wall has to compete with. In those spaces more decorators are opting to take the colour to the ceiling instead.


5. Black story strong outside. Black wood stains are a particular favourite outside, often complemented by a striking bold front door or garden feature.


6. Greige is the new beige. The grey-beige combination remains extremely popular. Exterior neutrals are tending towards greys and blackened off-whites, away from the beiges and the creams that preceded them.



From digital prints to textured wall coverings, wallpaper designs for 2015/16 are hotting up. Plain-papered walls are passe. Today’s selection of wallpapers is more diverse and creative than ever. Think eye-popping patterns, hand-drawn illustrations and bold hues in a number of styles – vintage, retro, classical, floral, new vogue, Pasifika, Kiwiana, industrial chic and contemporary luxury. These days we’re spoilt for choice and the sky, quite literally, is the limit.


There’s neutral, bright, patterned, plain … a whole range of design, texture and colour options. Even if something isn’t strictly “on trend”, there are still normally a good range of choices with traditional and classic options. No matter what home style you want, there is a wallpaper to suit. The new frontier for wallpaper is design your own.


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