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Score the New Look: Feminine Decor

For a long time now, décor has largely been casual and comfortable. It could be minimalistic, edgy, country or industrial, but it has been largely unisex.

But, as it is wont to, the wheel of home décor fashion has turned full circle, bringing feminine décor back into the spotlight.

Designers the world over are calling the trend “the new feminine”, and are clear that it isn’t only about pastels, florals and shabby chic. The modern feminine style is an aesthetic that’s classic – think elegant with an eclectic spin. How do you give your rooms a feminine touch without being too girly?


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Make friends with flowers. While most women love blooms in décor, men seem wary as they fear a rush of girlishness and romance. But floral accents don’t have to be wishy-washy. If done right, they can infuse vitality and personality into your home. Big patterns or small ones? Big if you like drama and scale, small if you don’t want flowers to dominate your space.


Play with colour. Pinks, purples, mauves and peaches are a starting point; they’re not the whole-and-soul of the new feminine. To get the new look and not the age-old floral décor, try unusual combinations. Pink with navy blue, mauve with deep green, rose with dull gold, peach with turquoise blue. If the room still seems overtly feminine, give it an edge by adding some mystery – a black chest, a charcoal rug or a chocolate sofa.


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Mix and match. Floral patterns don’t have to end up in a room that’s reminiscent of Victorian women. Contrast is key to cut the “girliness”. Instead of furniture that’s light and pastel, mix things up with rustic, modern or masculine pieces. Heighten the effect by pairing pretty furnishings with a comfortable leather chair, a distressed wooden table or an old wooden arm chair. Balance the softness and curves of florals by adding other elements that are as powerful; try striped wallpaper, a solid colour wall or a vibrant rug.


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Old and new. Combine the old and the new to create your own décor mashup. Set traditional-style chairs against a contemporary side table, plunk a chintz-covered sofa in front of a window dressed in Roman blinds, and set off floral wallpaper with neutral furniture. Feminine embellishments against neutral/modern pieces create a space that’s not too heavily feminine or prettified!


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Start small. Still unsure of where to begin? If you like a particular floral fabric/piece, construct a colour scheme around it. The background color of the pattern works as the wall colour. The secondary and accent colours the pattern throws up are perfect for soft furnishings (rugs, pillows, cushions and drapes). The accent colour can be used to accessorise the room (vases, artwork, lamps, mirrors). Try these to immediately feminise any room – button tufted sofas/headboards, furry pillows, accent pillows, mirrored furniture, gold details, patterned wallpaper and sunburst mirrors.


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The new feminine can get overtly feminine if you don’t strike a balance. Keep things harmonious to make the most of your space.

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