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Set the Mood for Love with Romantic Colours

Thinking of surprising your spouse? Try this fresh take: Change the view. Changing your bedroom wall colour to a brand new one can instantly change the ambience of your bedroom. If you’re scouting for ideas, try these

1. RED


Red symbolises romance, passion and love. It is bold and can dominate the room. Painting one of the walls beside the bed with red will add a passionate accent. Desist from painting all walls red as it may lead to over-aggression or depression. You can also use red in smaller doses – accent pillows, silk sheets, sheer curtains or glass vases.



This is an unusual combination. Green is a colour which appeals to the senses of both men and women as it is cool, creative and imaginative. Purple is a royal colour that lends a space a serene and elegant feel. The combination of green and purple creates a luxurious space. Use lighter shades of purple and keep wall accessories to minimum. If the room is small, keep things simple with light hues of both colours.



Are you a fan of subtlety and freshness? Well, this colour can just give you the perfect feel of togetherness and affection. Using peach creates a fresh new look and also creates a restful boudoir. Use the shade as you like – in lamp shades, curtains, rugs, throw pillows or bed linen.



There’s something about white. Creamy white walls, crisp white curtains and a mix of different patterns and textures come together to make a room relaxing and soothing. But naturally, it results in a sense of peace and deep love in a couple. Juxtapose different shades of white to ensure that the room doesn’t look too stark.



Yellows aren’t usually popular in the bedroom. But a golden shade of yellow can denote prosperity, abundance and love. Mix things up with white – a great partner for yellow. Abstract wall art and dim lighting will set the mood for a romantic evening together.

Look for colours that give an elegant yet passionate feel to the room. You can also try soft greys, deep blues and jewel colours. Total peace and tranquillity cab be achieved with neutral colours or earth tones. Dark furniture and minimum accessories create an open look.  Add huge lighting fixtures and invest in blackout curtains. Splurge on linen made of silk, satin and Egyptian cotton. Stay away from busy patterns that distract. A huge mirror – be it on the wall or the ceiling – is a good addition.


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