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Set up a Home Spa

Irate clients. Back-to-back meetings. Long phone calls. Following up. If that’s what your workday looks like, you need to relax and rejuvenate. An appointment at the spa might be tough to get at short notice, but not when you have a home spa. If a luxurious soak in the tub with a glass of wine after a revitalising body scrub won’t help you beat the stress, what will?

The term “spa” is said to have its roots in the Latin “spargere” (meaning “to scatter, sprinkle or moisten”) or the Latin phrase “sanitas per aquaam” (means health through water, spa can be read as its acronym). The word can be traced to the 14th century when mineral springs were found in Belgium in a town now called Spa.

But how do you set up your own spa? A space that helps you unwind, de-stress and revive.


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Look at the space you have and figure out what all you’ll be able to put in (don’t forget to set a budget!). Large bathrooms lend themselves immediately to a spa turnaround since they allow you to pull out all the stops – bath tub, shower stall, treadmill, yoga/meditation space, music system and even a reading nook. That said, small bathrooms can also be transformed – all they need is a little more thought to be reinvented as a home spa.

Glam things up. Just because it’s a washroom, it doesn’t need to be completely minimalistic. Play around to create a glamorous ambience – a string of lights around the mirror, strands of beads hanging from a row of hooks, a soft lamp, or a pretty plant in a DIY twine hanger. Small waterfalls, fountains, bamboo, plants, stone, glass and other natural materials can help create a relaxing setting.

Outfit your home spa with luxurious accessories – it’s what takes it from home to spa. A thick bamboo mat, organic towels with high thread counts, a pretty container with potpourri, loofahs, brushes, scented candles and aromatherapy oils scream luxury. Stock up on your favourite toiletries – a body scrub, a bath oil, face packs and gorgeously scented lotion.

Call in your neighborhood maalishwali for a massage and then unwind in your spa – play a relaxing CD, light a couple of candles and sip some wine as you ready the hot tub! Complete indulgence.

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