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Spread the Cheer

Don’t relegate the festive spirit to the living room. Small elements in every room will create a cheerful feel.

BBM Festive

• Start right by tacking a hand-made toran at the entrance to your home.

• Flower garlands spread cheer at little cost – run them through curtain rods, on railings, over mirrors, and at doorways.

• Come night, replace the flower garlands with fairy lights.

• Hang crystal strings around the house—light reflecting off them creates a fetching glitter.

• Gold and silver ribbons add a shot of instant bling. Adorn chair backs, candle sticks, indoor plants and stair railings with bows.

• Deck the table with layers of shades that go with your tableware and finish off with bursts of gold, silver or bronze.

• Decorate the stairway with a festive something – a candle, a vaporiser, an amphora or a vase – on each step.

• Place pillar candles of varying heights on a bed of tinsel and leaves. For a table centerpiece, fill a pretty crystal bowl with bright ornaments and thrust in a tall taper.

• Fill cutting chai-type glasses with gulal in different colours and rest votives in them.

• Wine goblets are perfect to showcase small blooms. Fill up halfway with water, and float a flower or two.

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