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Take the colour plunge and UNLEASH your creativity!

Everybody loves colour! From muted, pastel shades to bright, bold and dazzling shades, colour is the universal language and starting point for home décor and design across the world. The instinct and sensibility for colour play is inherent in our DNA and BedBathMore gives you the freedom and opportunity to play designer with our Shades of Freedom Contest! 


You’ll need –

Boatloads of creativity

A pinch of imagination

Cupfuls of your favourite colour(s) with an adorable descriptor like Tropical Tangerine, Tuscany Turquoise, Mediterranean Maroon etc

Spoonfuls of energy to share your creations on Facebook and other networks


STEP 1 Create a new pinboard on Pinterest. Give it an interesting name like ‘Shweta’s Cracking Canary Look Book’.


STEP 2 Go to and start adding ideas to your colour inspired lookbook on Pinterest. It’s almost like treasure hunt!

 STEP 3 Start sharing ideas you like and add them to your Pinterest look book. You can add anything you like to build your look book, but make sure there are atleast 15-20 items or elements in your LookBook from


STEP 4 When your LookBook is ready (and trust me, take your time! The more the merrier!) post it on Facebook and tag us with our handle @bedbathmore.

And that’s it, you’re done! If you really enjoyed making your first look book, go ahead and make more and as many as you like. Make sure you don’t create multiple lookbooks with the same colour though, defeats our purpose then :)


DAILY – Everyday, we’ll pick the best lookbook and feature it as our LookBook of the day. Helps you become a famous person on the internet ?? And you get a chance to showcase your beautiful skills of mixing, matching and creating lovely BedBathMore looks books to the world!

WEEKLY – Every week, 3 best lookbooks and lucky winners will be given a Gift Voucher of Rs1000 each. You can use the voucher on a minimum purchase of Rs 2000, so you really get upto 50% off with this gift voucher

BUMPER PRIZE – A BRAND-SPANKING-NEW IPHONE 6! And finally, one gorgeous lookbook and the creator win a sleek new iPhone 6. Woohoo!

This contest is on for a month and ends on September 11, 2015. My advice to you – don’t waste a single second and get started right away! Happy Creativity to you!

If you have any questions, drop us  a line on, or just write a comment below. We’ll get back to you asap.