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Talking Design with Anuj Ambalal

Anuj Ambalal is a multifaceted designer – his label A Cube Inc. retails furniture, furnishings, lighting fixtures and interior accessories. Ambalal views furniture not only as mere seating arrangements, but, through its diverse forms and textures, as individual sculptural entities. He especially enjoys designing stools as he finds them “devoid of all formalities”.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I try to find my design solutions from very mundane, day to day objects. In trying to find “inspiration” from great masters I think we often stop seeing things around us and miss out on most things.

What do you consider to be the most iconic design piece of the past century?

The Barcelona Chair.

If you could choose any painting to hang on your living room wall, which would it be?

Couple in Bed by Philip Guston.

What’s your favourite room to decorate?

Any area in which I can put lots of stools!

Your favourite colour?

It’s a tough choice between scarlet and ultramarine.

A material that you love exploring?

Tensile fabrics.

We all love the movies. Do you particularly love the interiors in any movie?

Two States because I think I saw one of our chairs in a scene !! LOL!!

London, Rome or Chicago?


Marilyn, Audrey or Jackie?


An online store you spend hours at?

The books section at Amazon

If you were a fly, which designer’s wall would you perch on?

Louie Kahn

What’s the favourite space that you’ve designed?

Our studio

What’s the easiest way to update a room?


The biggest design faux pas a designer can make?

To follow a trend.

What’s the next renovation planned at your home?

Our house, designed by Bernard Kohn, will turn 40 next year and renovations have now become a gradual and a non-ending process! Something that I enjoy!