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Talking Design with Yeshwant Ramamurthy

A graduate of Sir J.J. College of Architecture, Mumbai, Yeshwant Ramamurthy began his career in Bangalore and went on to found Studio One in his hometown, Hyderabad, in 1978. The award-winning designer is credited with buildings across various typologies ranging from high end private residences to humble affordable housing using sustainable technology.

Where do you find your inspiration?

My varied clientele, with their specific wish list which becomes a design challenge.

What do you consider to be the most iconic design piece of the past century?

Charles Correa’s Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalaya at Ahmedabad.

If you could choose any painting to hang on your living room wall, which would it be?

The Bindu series by S.N. Raza.

What’s your favourite room to decorate?

The entrance lobby. It sets the mood of the home.

Your favourite colour?

Although it is technically a tint (not a colour), white is by far my favourite.

A material that you love exploring?

Textiles, fabrics and soft furnishings.

We all love the movies. Do you particularly love the interiors in any movie?

The Great Gatsby – for its perfection of style compliance.

London, Rome or Chicago?

Chicago. It’s got the throb of a megapolis and the largest concentration of Frank Lloyd Wright homes.

Marilyn, Audrey or Jackie?

Audrey, for her warmth, sophistication and style.

An online store you spend hours at?

Crate and Barrel.

A décor store you must visit often?

Good Earth. Its sparkle and edgy contemporary Indian style leaves me drooling.

If you were a fly, which designer’s wall would you perch on?

My own, of course. Would buzz around to annoy irritating clients in their ears!!

What’s the favourite space that you’ve designed?

Café Sandwicho, Gandipet, Hyderabad. It rocks!

What’s the easiest way to update a room?

Lick the walls with fresh colour and hang new pictures.

The biggest design faux pas a designer can make?

To put a men’s urinal stall in a ladies toilet! I once failed a student for doing just that in his design thesis.

What’s the next renovation planned at your home?

Depends on the piggy position – Right now its hollow!

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