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TGIF and You Can DIY: Canvas Keds

When it comes to summer, nothing spells casual better than a pair of Keds. You can wear them with shorts or a sundress, dress them up or dress them down, they’ll take you places. The best part is that they lend themselves extremely well to DIY, and can be recreated in a variety of ways. Use paint, glitter, pretty ribbons, studs, rhinestones or buttons to create a one-of-a-kind pair. No one else will be walking in your shoes for sure!



What you need: Plain Keds, acrylic paint, paint brush, craft material of your choice (buttons, rhinestones, etc.), fabric glue, stencils

What to do: Wash the shoes and let dry thoroughly. Decide what you want to do. If you’re going to paint a simple pattern, you can go free hand. Or else, download a stencil off the Internet and get down to business. Rhinestones, buttons, studs – you can use them by themselves or in combination with paint. Just let your inner artist loose!

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