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TGIF and You Can DIY: Chevron Tray

The Chevron pattern first appeared on pottery and rock carvings in Crete and Greece as early as 1800 BC. Since then, the inverted V-shaped pattern has been a staple of many designers’ stables down the centuries. The convoluted stripes have made a comeback and look great in modern homes. Adapt this style into a coffee-table worthy tray. We tell you how.
What you need: An old wooden tray or a deep picture frame, chevron-patterned paper or fabric, glue, modge-podge (available at any craft shop), brush, a sheet of glass
What to do: Clean the tray thoroughly. Sand and give it a coat of paint if needed. Cut the fabric/paper to fit the bottom of the tray and glue on. If you’re using fabric, apply layers of modge-podge. Get a piece of glass cut to fit the tray. This will ensure that the tray stays stain-free for a long time!

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